My Life in Gloria 點擊圖片放大

My Life in Gloria


同安校/ 陳怡靜/ Amy


Gloria is not the first school that I have studied English in, but it is the first place that aroused my interest in English. When I started coming to class at Gloria, I was attracted to the special ways that teachers taught and the students that enjoyed learning. Teachers in Gloria teach English by playing interesting games, listening to pop songs, and even acting, not just studying rigid boring English grammar from text books. Teachers frequently give us lots of information in riddles, proverbs, and current events in English that can enlarge our horizons. Students here are not only classmates, but also friends you can practice speaking English and share your feelings or experiences with. It really helps me a lot. I have learned in Gloria for about four years. During this time, I have improved my listening, speaking, and writing skills so that I can use English more perfectly, and now I have no problem communicating with visitors who come from other countries or people I meet when I travel abroad. My teachers, Sino and Jerry, both play great roles in my life at Gloria. Sino is the best English teacher I have ever met. She is not only my English teacher but a friend that uses her life experiences and her optimism to influence values in my life. And Jerry is the funniest foreign teacher I have ever met. He uses his humor to make our classes more interesting and to help us answer many questions that we have about English. In Gloria, you don’t feel so much pressure studying, but you will always have fun learning English with earnest, conscientious teachers and smart, outgoing classmates. At the very beginning, I came here because I wanted to learn English, but now I remain here because of my love and interests.